D2 Type 2 – Diabetes Prevention Supplement

D2 Type 2 Diabetes Supplement D2 Type 2 Diabetes Supplement

D2 is a 100% pure herbs medicine which treat the diabetic problem. It is researched and developed by medical experts which are joint venture of China and Japan Medical Team. It’s also a 6 years of clinical studies in the Intervention by Chinese Herbal (D2) and undergone R&D Research. If compare with others herbal diabetic product, D2 formula had a stringent combination of raw materials, using advance research and production technology, proven effective ingredients and unique lowering glucose level mechanism which proven effective in treating Type 2 Diabetes patients. D2 is a product that can help to detoxify, cleanse and regulate the human body system.

Benefits and Features

Significantly improves pathologic changes in pancreatic tissues and increase the number of pancreas β cells.
Increases the number of insulin receptors in the liver of diabetic, improves sensitivity towards insulin and reduces insulin resistance in receptors.
Improves glucose transporter 4 genes in bones and muscles.
Prevents and soothes complication caused by diabetes.
Good effects for patients who are not getting results using Western medicine, including suffering from serious insulin resistance and secondary ineffectiveness towards Thiourea medication.
Upkeeps physical health
Improves physical weaknesses
Upgrades immunity

Dosage Recommendation
Take one to six capsules a day depending on need.
Recommended dosage for Healthy people is two to four capsules a day. To be maintained for daily health.
Recommended dosage for People with Diabetes or Blood Sugar problems is Four to Eight Capsules a day. Until the blood sugar stabilises, reduce to two to four capsules a day.
There will be a strong urge to go to toilet in the beginning of using the product, this is completely normal as your body needs to remove all the toxins from your body. After a week of taking the product properly, your body will normalise and the strong urge will return to normal.



This is by no means a replacement for medications. Please do not assume that this is a replacement for medication. This is a natural herbal remedy that has been shown to improve overall health, especially in response to the body’s ability to have a healthy sugar level.