This Woman Took Two Different Photos in the Same Outfit to Prove How Deceptive Social Media Is

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If all the “perfect” full-body selfies that end up in your social feed tend to make you feel bad about your own shape, then this eye-opening news is for you.

In a before-and-after Instagram post, influencer Rini Frey shared two images, both taken on the same day while dressed in the same outfit. The photo on the left is a posed photo of Frey flexing in her underwear, with the words “my body” on it. The image on the right shows Frey sitting in the same high-waisted underwear, titled “also my body.”

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Her point? Your body can look very different depending on the angle you shoot a photo from as well as how you adjust the clothes you have on.

“Don’t let them get you down,” she captioned the post, referring to other influencers who adjust and pose in ways that make them look fitter, thinner, and more toned than they really are. “Most of them don’t represent reality and if they do, it doesn’t mean that these bodies belong to a healthy and happy human. It’s just what we are made to believe, but it’s mostly not true.”

Frey didn’t just use this as an opportunity to shed light on camera tricks and clothing adjustments. Instead, she praised the human body, describing it as an “incredible machine.”

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“Our bodies do the work without ever resting,” she wrote. “Pumping blood through our veins, making our heart beat in our chest, allowing us to move, drive, walk, travel, see, smell, hear, taste and FEEL love, happiness and positive energy. So, why do we as a society put all our focus on how little fat needs to sit under our skin, how we can make our muscles pop, how we can shape our body in a way that isn’t natural or how we can hold back from feeding our body as long as possible?”

Frey tells Health she felt motivated to share this inspiring post after a massive outreach from some of her 30,000 followers.

“I get so many DMs from young girls saying that they hate their bodies and I believe a big part of it is comparing themselves to ‘perfect bodies’ they see on Instagram,” she says. “Our bodies deserve our love and respect, instead of picking it apart every day.”

Yet Frey admitted in her post that she hasn’t always felt positive about her own body.

“As I’m posting this, I am placing a hand on my heart and thanking my body for sticking with me through years of self-punishment, self-loathing, starvation, stuffing it with food, purging food, beating it down and destroying it with way too much exercise,” she continued. “Thank you, body, for never letting me down, even though I always used to think you did. I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

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