This Just Might Be The No. 1 Superfood For Women (VIDEO)

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By Lisa Capretto

When you think of superfoods, a few stand-out fruits and vegetables come to mind: spinach, blueberries and avocado, to name a few. (And don’t forget about the powerhouse superfood many people haven’t heard of.) But when it comes to superfoods that all women should be eating, one registered dietitian points to a nutrient-rich protein.

“I really love when women consume fish on a regular basis,” Lauren Schmitt tells the web series #OWNSHOW. “Fish is lean. It also has very little saturated fat and has five different types of Omega-3 fats. That’s a really unbeatable combination.”

Omega-3 fatty acids help the body fight inflammation, Schmitt explains. They can do everything from helping reduce stiffness and joint pain to helping lower your risk for heart disease, and more. “It can boost your mood, concentration,” Schmitt adds. “Overall, in the body we want as little inflammation as possible.”

Many women turn to chicken when they’re looking to eat healthier, but Schmitt says this protein isn’t as beneficial as fish. “Chicken is actually also lean, but it doesn’t have those five different types of Omega-3s,” she says.

And not all fish are created equal, either. “The top 5 as far as Omega-3 goes… salmon, trout, mackerel, herring and sardines,” Schmitt reveals. “Clearly, salmon is probably the easiest thing to find.”

For those that don’t love the taste of fish, don’t give up — there are ways to prepare it to make it seem more appealing. “Try, try again,” Schmitt urges. “You could try to put the fish into tacos with different types of salsa or avocado on it.”

If you’re still adamantly against eating fish, you don’t have to forego the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids altogether. “You can definitely turn to other Omega-3 sources, such as chia seeds or flax seeds,” Schmitt says. “You can incorporate those into smoothies, muffins, pancakes, many different [recipes].”

What about taking supplements? Don’t overdo it, Schmitt advises. “We should really focus on getting [nutrients] from our food,” she says. “If you try really hard to get certain things from food… you’re only left with a few key supplements that you need. But the food sources are a much better way to get it.” Learn about Like Us On Facebook |
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