12 Things Every Lululemon Addict Knows To Be True

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By Leigh Weingus

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They make see-through pants. You blew through an entire paycheck there once, and you know their new “going out” line means that’s going to happen again. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to quit them. Yep, you’re addicted to Lululemon.

Here are 12 things every Lululemon addict knows to be true:

1. Any time you happen to see an Omega, you think/hope/worry that you’re about to start shopping.

2. That sheer yoga pants incident was pretty traumatizing for you. Even when you yank on that pair of Wunder Unders you’ve had for years, you always double check.
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3. Those tops with the built-in sports bras aren’t that practical, but they look so cool that you own five of them.
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4. You know you’ll be asked your favorite form of exercise in the fitting room, so you always show up with a new and exciting answer in mind.
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5. You’re embarrassed that all of your “casual” tops are from Lululemon. But you’re not embarrassed enough to stop buying them.
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6. You absolutely love it when the Lululemon gods make too much.
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7. Okay, so their sweatpants are super expensive, but you’ve decided if you wear them almost every day it’s totally worth it.
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8. When it comes to Lululemon outlets, you’ll drive pretty any distance and fight through every crowd.
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9. You’ll tell people you bought those super short shorts on sale, but that’s a lie.
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10. Those shopping bags take up every inch of closet space and driving you crazy. But they’re not going anywhere.
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11. You know the Lulu yoga mats are ridiculously heavy. But you’ve decided it’s another workout just to lug it around.
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12. You consider the “run club” and yoga class offered by your local store as a source of exercise and a support group.
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