Largest Manufacturer in HALAL Sex Supplement

Herbs Care Malaysia is one of the Biggest Manufacturing company in Malaysia specialized in HALAL and Natural Herbal formula based Sexual Supplement. We have strong alliance with major grown herbs supplier to ensure quality of our herbs and capability of taking massive orders. We challenge ourselves everyday to further improve in our products quality and customer service. We strive not to stop looking for better formula and better source of herbs raw material to bring more effectiveness to public.

We are currently focusing on export market.
We specialize in OEM, White Labeling service.
1. Create your own brand. OEM your own product.
2. Unique formula for client. No reuse policy.
3. Design your product, label and packaging for your brand.

To help you gain a competitive edge in increasingly competitive markets, we offer extended assistance to your brand and business.

Factory Detail:

  • Factory Location: Malaysia
  • Factory Size: 10,000 sqft
  • Production Line: more than 20 lines
  • Export Percentage: 100%


Our Strength:

  • Virtual monopolize of local high grade herb supplies
  • Our in-house R&D team will assure that the products are of top quality.
  • In-house License Food Technology.
  • Fully customizable flavour provides flexibility and power of choice for our clientele.
  • Third party quality control (QC) to ensure products quality.
  • 100% natural herbs


Core Sex Supplement Products

OEM product specialist. Please find product below for presentation and marketing purpose only.
Men Sex Enhancement Products in tablet form, powder form, powder soluble form, Maca coffee and other customisable form. Certified with HALAL and vegetarian based.

Health Products – Fish Collagen supplement, Plant collagen supplement, Dietary supplement, Gamat with Royal Jelly instant drink. Certified with HALAL and vegetarian based (unless ingredient difference).


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