This Beauty Blogger Shared a Nude Selfie to Spread a Message About Eating Disorders

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One beauty blogger is baring all, shedding her clothes and sharing her story about surviving years of disordered eating, triggered in part by being shamed for her size.

London-based blogger Grace F Victory took to Instagram earlier this month and posted a naked mirror selfie. With a towel loosely draped over her, Victory opened up about having an eating disorder as a teenager and healing during recovery.

“More rolls than a bakery,” she wrote, recalling what bullies told her when she was “a size 12 and struggling with an ED.”

Victory’s struggle when she was younger involved periods of not eating at all, as well as binge eating and vomiting, she previously revealed in a YouTube video. But these days, she’s feeling positive about her process.

“Now I’m in recovery and loving my body no matter what it looks like, as long as I’m healing and well…that’s all that matters,” she wrote, ending her post with the hashtag #healgrowglow.

Her message and photo struck a chord, and supporters sent comments and messages thanking her for sharing. In response, Victory posted another topless photo over the weekend showing her her shape.

“So grateful. So humbled. So incredibly happy that I get to live life and experience what the universe has to offer. I feel so safe, so grounded, so loved,” she wrote. “I can’t believe I used to exist trying with all my might to not be me … I owe myself so many apologies & I will commit the rest of my life to making up for lost time.”

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She’s making up for lost time in more ways than one. Victory recently launched the Instagram account @healgrowglow, which includes motivational messages and images of women embracing their bodies.

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