The New iPhone X Camera Is So Advanced, People Are Afraid to Take Selfies

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We were as excited as the next selfie fan about the seriously amazing camera on the just-released iPhone X. But Apple lovers who managed to get their hands on the hot new phone have quickly discovered the camera might just be too good.

Apple’s website makes it sound like the sophisticated TrueDepth technology will turn iPhone X users into legit photographers: “Shoot selfies with a depth-of-field effect that puts your face in sharp focus against an artfully blurred background.” It’s that “sharp focus” that not everyone was ready for.

Twitter users fessed up to feeling self-conscious about seeing themselves in such detail.

Some were downright disturbed by their looks.

Those super clear selfies seem to highlight the very skin woes some people were hoping to hide, like dry skin and dark circles.

It even prompted some to wonder about switching to the competition.

But others were impressed by how the new technology is even better than viewing someone or something IRL.

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Now, we happen to think that worrying about so-called body flaws is not a reason to stop posing for selfies or taking snaps with friends using the iPhone X. If the powerful camera does bother you, finding the right lighting and knowing your best angle can’t hurt. Or maybe you just need to make like Kim K. and stick to full-body selfies taken from a safe distance with a full-length mirror!

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