The Importance of Your Mindset in Training

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By Angel Rodriguez

Recently, while I was at the gym, I observed an individual who was taking the same kickboxing class I was. Their clothes were dry, while mostly everyone else was drenched in sweat. The person had the most disinterested look on their face. It was a sad sight to behold. The movements were not purposeful, the punches and kicks had nothing behind them. This person was just going through the motions, at best!

This individual could have been sitting on the couch at home, showing more enthusiasm about a TV show, and probably burning more calories. Two-months hereafter, this person will be disappointed at the gym, and wonder why they aren’t making any fitness progress.

Look folks, I believe that getting to the gym is one of the first steps that you can take toward fitness. I also recognize that this person could have been having a bad day. They could have been preoccupied, stressed, or simply low on energy. I’m not meaning to judge, but to inspire. I am citing this example only to make a point. Seeing them, and the lack of enthusiasm they showed reminded me about the importance that mindset plays in training. It comes so naturally to me that sometimes I forget that not everyone is aware of it.

Allow me to refresh your memory on this! If you are at the gym, if you took the time to commute, walk, drive, or whatever method is required to get you there, then why not make it count by giving 110 percent the entire time you are in there? If you are devoting an hour to training, why not make every single second of that one-hour count?

Perhaps you have problems outside of the gym? I understand that, I was looking for work for months and had not found a job. That stressed me out. However, was thinking about it, or worrying about that while I’m supposed to be training going to change anything? Was there any scenario where ruining my workout with thoughts of that problem might have helped me in getting a job? HELL NO! So why would I do it?

The gym is your time to focus on your body, your physical and mental health. The training you do there will better prepare you for the stresses you encounter in everyday life. You know, those things like, well, not finding a job!

I commend people like this person for coming into the gym and taking that first step towards better health. I’m not attacking or knocking them. However, I challenge this person, and any of you who may also be simply going through the motions at the gym to take that next step! You can do it! Believe me, you can do it!

When you are at the gym, give it your all! Make every single moment you spend there count! Remember, you are away from your home, your family, or whatever else you could be doing! You chose to make the time commitment to be there! Well, then make every single second invested count!

Your mindset when it comes to training is just as important as the actual movements, the diet, and the recovery! If your mind is not in the game, then your progress will suffer. The way I do this is through music and self-talk. When I’m headed into the gym, I’ll play songs that get my adrenaline flowing. If I am tired, I repeat to myself, “Get in state, Get in state.” If I’m going for a run, I’ll play military cadence to get myself in the zone. We are all different, and different tools will motivate each one of us. However, please remember that you are the boss of you, and you tell your mind and body what time it is! So let’s get in state, and let’s make it count!

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