Weight Loss or Weight Control? That Is the Question

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By Robert Reames


We’ve all seen it. Someone goes on a diet, loses the weight, then in due time gains the weight back — with “interest.” In other words, many diets can be temporary plans with temporary results. Do some plans over-promise? Well, I think we both know the answer to that question. So what gives? I think most folks embark on a diet with the sincere plan and hope of permanent results. Yet these results are not always delivered, and disappointment and feelings of failure ensue.

The question becomes: Is your goal weight loss? Or is your goal ultimately weight control? If it’s control, which I hope it is, then begin today to move forward from the “temporary plan” mindset i.e., a set amount of time to lose the set amount of weight.

Launch your focus on to learning the skill of weight control. Yes, just like playing tennis, being an accountant, learning to read, to speak a language or sewing a button on a shirt, weight control is a “skill” and a skill that is learned and put to work in your life to the degree and ability you have to commit to, achieve and hone this skill.

Look at folks around you who live a fit, healthy lifestyle and control their weight. Their day-to-day processes support where they are in this aspect of life. Those that you know who don’t incorporate this get another result — usually not good. What you do supports where you are, simple as that. If you don’t learn it, you won’t know it.

Hormonally, the body sometimes is wired to stay fat, so we have to learn skills and implement processes to overcome this, and it can be done with conscious effort and focus.

Many of you have seen my blogs on the big four: appropriate exercise; optimum nutrition; proper rest; and optimum stress management. Make the conscious effort to achieve personal best and continued education on this (knowledge is power and there is an incredible amount of great information here on HuffPost Healthy Living) and you’ll thrive. Learn over time. It doesn’t have to be done all at once.

It’s a process. It’s a marathon of life, not a sprint. Shed the abbreviated diet concept and think long-term foundation on this. You all know what I’m saying is true. Do yourself a favor and stop looking for the quick fix. And know that there are ebbs and flows in life where you will get off track and that’s okay. You don’t and won’t need to be on track all of the time — just most of the time. Even with the quick fix (bariatric surgery, liposuction, etc.) you still need to learn and incorporate the life skills to support your new body. No getting around it. I’ve seen folks have these procedures then shoot right back up and surpass where they were pre-surgery, simply because they never learned anything about weight control.

To sum up: the answer is weight control not weight loss. Weight control is the new paradigm. Weight control is the Holy Grail we’re all in pursuit of. And it’s really the original paradigm before parts of the diet industry duped us into false hope.

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