Warm Up Your Winter

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By Rupa Mehta

The first snow has already arrived! For hustling and bustling New Yorkers this can often be the worst time of year. Subways are frozen (and always seem to be moving at a snails pace), yet you always wake up sweating in the sauna-like radiator heat in your apartment. And of course there are the formidable, ever-present colds, flues and stuffy noses. So how do we deal? Just because it’s sub zero outside doesn’t mean you can’t warm up your winter. Here are a few ways to bring in the heat and keep out of the cold this season:

Sweat: We’ve all heard of the wintertime blues. The holidays are over, the cold weather comes and we immediately hibernate into our apartments and curl up to watch Netflix and order seamless. While its ok to escape like this once and a while, too much reclusiveness in the winter can actually be the result, or cause of serious seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD). It’s important to balance those quiet days with something active. Indoor sports and fitness are a great way to both boost those happy endorphins and keep you from feeling like sludge. The next time you are cozied up at home, try doing a few sun salutations to get your blood flowing. Afterward, if you’re feeling up for it, try this easy, at home quick cardio revival circuit inspired by the Nalini Method:

– March in place for one minute
– Jumping jacks for 30 seconds
– 15 Jump squats
– Jumping jacks for 30 seconds
– 10 Jump squats
– Remain in a deep, wide-legged squat and try lifting your heels. (See how long you can hold it)
– 10 Straight leg push-ups
– 30-second plank
– 10 straight leg push-ups
– 30-second plank
– Push into a Down Dog
– Walk your hands back lift up tall and feel revived!

Some other favorites include wall sits, bent legged push-ups and burpees!

Stretch at home: Sometimes all we need is a good stretch to get the kinks out and our blood flowing. If cardio seems a bit too much after that second hot toddy try a restorative stretch series. Whether it’s a sun salutation or ballet inspired leg and arm stretches, lengthening and releasing your muscles releases the same endorphins that cardio does.

If you need some good stretch suggestions check out my latest youtube video for an awesome post cardio stretch sequence!

Eat Seasonal Foods: Ever wonder why oranges are so ripe during winter? Eastern medicine believes that the human body and nature sync up during the change of seasons. Nature provides us with the vitamins we need to face whatever season we are in. For example: Those oranges are jammed packed with vitamin C and D, helping us fight off colds and feel alert during daylights savings. PLUS Seasonal vegetables and fruit are usually less expensive and grown locally. Bundle up and drop by a local market to pick up some wintery goodness. Check out this list of seasonal foods that are easy to implement in your every day diet:

Grapefruit, Oranges, plums, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, pear, passion fruit, kale, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts

Try roasting your winter veggies using this awesome recipe courtesy of Food Network!

Focus on friends: I know you’re tempted to cozy up with a bottle of wine at home alone, but including a friend can make you happier during these cold months! Revert back to your middle school self and play some board games, start a wintertime book club, get creative and cook! Participating in more active activities indoors with friends will help you pass the time on those cold days and keep you feeling alert and emotionally fit. Plus it’s fun! Enjoy getting closer with the people you love and I promise you won’t feel cooped up.

These cold months can feel never ending but I guarantee that if you do any of the above you’ll start to look forward to post holiday’s winter! Who knows? Maybe ice storms and polar vortexes will be your new favorite time of year!

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