Three Steps To Avoid Getting Sick During Cold And Flu Season, From Dr. Richard Besser (VIDEO)

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By Danielle Page

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Is there anything we can do to avoid getting sick during the cold and flu season? Dr. Richard Besser
says he gets this question all the time! According to Dr. Besser, there are three key things you should be doing in order to avoid getting sick. First, make sure you’re washing your hands frequently. One reason that we contract cold viruses is that we get them on our hands, and then touch our eyes, nose and mouth. If you’re washing your hands a lot, it will reduce the amount of viruses on your hands. If you don’t have access to soap and water, carry hand sanitizer. When you cover your coughs and sneezes, do so with a tissue or handkerchief, or with your arm, not your hands! Finally, make sure your office has a good policy when it comes to staying home when you’re sick. Perfect attendance is not something to be rewarded! If you’re coming to work when you’re sick, you’re running the risk of infecting others.

For more of Dr. Richard Besser’s health tips, view the slideshow below:

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