This Yogi’s Instagram Account Will Make You Want To Do Handstands All Over The World

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By Leigh Weingus

Scroll through Kino MacGregor’s Instagram account for a few seconds, and you’ll probably feel a little intimidated: It seems like MacGregor is constantly — and effortlessly! — upside down.

Her mission?

“I want to inspire people to practice, to become true spiritual seekers along the inner journey,” MacGregor told The Huffington Post of her account, which has 622,000 followers. “I want people to see that they have the power to change their world to a more peaceful place through the power of yoga. I want people to recognize their own strength and power and then use the practice to experience it.”

MacGregor, 37, has been teaching ashtanga yoga for the past 14 years. She leads classes, seminars, trainings, and retreats around the world. Although her poses are impressive, in a 2013 blog post for The Huffington Post she admitted she wasn’t always able to pull them off.

“The first time I tried to put my leg behind my head, it didn’t go, and the first time I tried to stand up from backbend I hit my head on the ground,” MacGregor wrote, adding, “It’s through years of practice, both through my traditional practice and many afternoon technique sessions, that I have the strength and flexibility in my practice today.”

Although it’s safe to say that MacGregor has mastered every pose in the book, she never stops practicing.

“Every morning is [comprised] of yoga and mediation. Then I have breakfast/brunch depending on time and have a full day of work, which consists of either teaching, writing blogs or books and filming for my social media or online classes,” she told HuffPost, adding that evenings are a bit more relaxing. “If I’m in Miami I love catching the sunset at the beach. Nights at home I usually spend with my husband, having dinner and relaxing together.”

Check out some of MacGregor’s Instagram photos below.

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