The ‘Big 4′ of Weight Control and Optimum Health for 2015

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By Robert Reames

Anticipation is over 2015 is here and once again comes the thoughts of New Year’s resolutions! No worries — here’s a solution that if properly thought out can help you with an appropriate plan and success for you.

Every year, a large percentage of folks fail at their New Year’s resolutions primarily for two reasons:

– They make resolutions that simply are not realistic and never within their realm of accomplishment in the first place. “Pipe dreaming,” or looking outside yourself, in essence, defeats you before you begin.
Solution: Keep this plan simple and don’t overreach. Talk to your doctor, make at least a minimum investment in consulting with a qualified fitness professional and talk with close friends and family members who know you well. Put together a plan that is realistic for you.

– Poor planning and execution.
Solution: Look at all aspects of your resolution and put together the best road map and environment for success. Plan this as you would a job project, an assignment for school, your finances or whatever endeavor you can compare solid successful planning to in your life.

The “Big Four” is a model that I’ve used successfully over the years with individual clients, folks I’ve worked with through the weight-loss challenges on The Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors, plus groups I speak to of all ages throughout America. The RR “Big Four” of Weight Control and Optimum Health is:

Smart, time-efficient EXERCISE: Don’t over-complicate this one. We as humans are built. for locomotion. Find something you like (or dislike the least) — something you’re good at, so that you’ll stay consistent. As you move along you’ll build momentum and new doors for physical activity become a possibility.

Optimum NUTRITION: Folks the fuel that you put in your body is the fuel you operate on. It’s what drives you. Do you want optimum fuel for the engine? Or do you want to compromise for short-term pleasure and or poor planning? You’ve got to eat right and you know this. There is an incredible amount of nutritional info right here on HuffPost. Put it to work!

Proper REST: Sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain. This aspect of the “Big Four” is a key factor. Folks, you need rest to operate at peak levels, for optimum recovery from your workouts and the normal day-to-day. Get your rest!

Optimum STRESS MANAGEMENT: This one can be influenced greatly by your execution or lack there of from the first three aspects of the “Big Four.” If you’re rested, moving consistently and eating well, your “fuse” is shorter and ability to cope with stress is increased. High stress has also been linked to weight accumulation. Folks, take some time to de-stress. Do something you love that will relax you. Stop and smell the roses.

To recap: move your body, eat well, rest well and do your best to manage stress. These aspects of life work independently and synergistically in our lives. Give yourself the advantage of ultimate weight control and set the tone to feel good and thrive. Happy 2015, everybody!

– Head Trainer for The Dr. Phil Show (12th season)
Pear Sports Coach for Pear Mobile Audio/Heart Rate Training System
Spokesperson for the VEEP Nutrition System
– 10-Year Member of the renown Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute
– Host of “Robert Reames Live!” radio/video podcast

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