Pulling an All-Nighter Is Worse Than Six Months of Unhealthy Eating

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By Samuel Blackstone for : Eat Your Way to a Better Sex Life

“Our study suggests that one night of total sleep deprivation may be as detrimental to insulin sensitivity as six months on a high-fat diet,” said Dr. Josiane Broussard, who directed the study. “This research demonstrates the importance of adequate sleep in maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing risk for metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes.”

Sure, you can’t out train a bad diet, and you can’t get fit without adequate and proper exercise, but even if you’re on point with both of those, if you don’t get enough sleep, your overall health is suffering.

“It is critical for health practitioners to emphasize the importance of sleep to their patients,” said Dr. Caroline M. Apovian, spokesperson for The Obesity Society. “Many patients understand the importance of a balanced diet, but they might not have a clear idea of how critical sleep is to maintaining equilibrium in the body.”

Put simply, Netflix is great, but a good night’s rest is better.

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