In Sickness And In Health? Husband Debates Leaving His Wife With OCD (VIDEO)

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By Rochelle Nelson

Brian says he had a happy marriage to his wife Laura until after their daughter’s second birthday, when Laura started doing strange things. She was then diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — a disorder, he says, that has taken over her life to the point that he now questions if he can stay married to her.

“Our marriage now isn’t a marriage. It’s been a long time since we’ve had sex,” says Brian, explaining that his wife binds her hands and feet together every night as one of her many rituals. “When you say for better or for worse, you don’t usually think about the worse,” he adds. “I can’t really see myself with another woman, but I can’t really see myself not being intimate for the rest of my life.”

Laura explains, “I can’t tolerate sex because of my fear of bodily fluids and my fear of contaminating him. We can’t even hold hands at this point.”

Watch the video above to witness some of Laura’s rituals, and to hear her husband’s honest point of view. For more from this show, click here.

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