How To Deal With And Overcome Terminal Illness, From Dr. Christiane Northrup (VIDEO)

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By Danielle Page

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Dr. Christiane Northrup, has studied people who have had near death experiences. One story that sticks in her mind was a woman with Hodgkin’s disease, who was literally pronounced dead. After she survived the ordeal, the woman said to Dr. Northrup, “We don’t die. We are spiritual individuals having a human experience.” Dr. Northrup feels that we’re put on this earth to enjoy life — to savor the small things. What you find when you’re dealing with the terminally ill is that they get to a point when they don’t fight anymore, they just enjoy every moment they have left. When you’re caring for someone who is terminally ill, be with this person knowing that they are going to have that experience, and also that they may be seeing someone on the other side waiting to meet them.

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