How NOT To Gain Weight On Vacation

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By Theresa D’Angelo

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It’s hard enough to make healthy choices on a day-to-day basis, but when you travel, it can feel next to impossible. Fitness trainer Steve Cook says there is a way to stay fit on the road — and you don’t have to step foot inside the hotel gym.

“You can travel and do it smart,” he says in the above #OWNSHOW video. “It doesn’t mean you have to get up and do your cardio necessarily.”

Here are Cook’s top five tips for staying healthy on the road:

1. Walk everywhere.

“When I go to Europe or Chicago or New York, I love the fact that I’m able to walk everywhere,” Cook says.

2. Live like a local — outside.

Cook says to take advantage of outdoor activities that you might not get a chance to do at home, like going to the beach, hiking or biking around a new city. “[By] getting out, you’re killing two birds with one stone — you’re exercising and you’re enjoying what that city has to offer,” he says.

3. Go light on breakfast.


“Get a light breakfast, and then save the calories for when you’re going to be out and about.” Cook recommends starting your day with fruit, egg whites or veggies.

4. Ease up on the condiments.

Calories from condiments can quickly add up. Steve suggests taking it easy on salad dressings, toppings on burgers and other extras. “Maybe even go bun-less if you’re having a burger.”

5. Plan for pizza (and other carbs).


“I usually structure my highest carbohydrate meals around the most activity in my day,” Cook says. “So if I know I’m going to be walking a lot, I’ve earned that pizza.”

Overall, try to find a healthy balance between enjoying vacation and staying healthy. “It’s about making the healthiest choices in that moment that allow you [to indulge a little], so you don’t feel guilty and end up shoving more food in because you feel bad.”

In other words, try not to think: “My diet will start when I get back.”

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