Finally, A Gym Built For Millennials Who Would Rather Be On Their Phones

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By Ryan Grenoble

If a millennial goes to the gym, but no one sees their selfie in the fitness mirror, do they still get credit for going?

If that question keeps you up at night, #@THEGYM (pronounced “hashtag at the gym”) is for you. The fitness center was built from the ground up for those who refuse to waste a perfectly good opportunity to stop and stare at a screen.

#@THEGYM’s amenities include “dozens of benches where you can comfortably check your twitter feed,” hundreds of charging stations, and an Apple Genius bar.

You’ve likely guessed by now that #@THEGYM only exists in the mind of its creator, a YouTube comedian by the name of Razmig. In an email to The Huffington Post, Razmig said he was inspired to make the video after an encounter at his own gym, which he describes as “a very very small employee-only-company-gym, where there is only one bench.”

“There’s a gentleman that comes in every day for an hour, and will park on that bench,” says Razmig. “He does two sets of three reps (I counted) of really heavy weights, and then just takes phone calls and answers emails the rest of the time. He also doesn’t bring a water bottle and goes through 15 paper cups per session … which I also sadly counted. This is in no way an exaggeration.”

Alas, we’re all at least a little guilty of spending too much screen time.

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