Cute Workout Clothes That Will Actually Make You Want To Hit The Gym. Seriously

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By Julee Wilson

Working out is a constant struggle. While on one hand you want to have a snatched waist, the motivation to get out of bed often just isn’t there. This is, basically, a universal truth. But there’s always a silver lining to everything and the silver lining here is cute workout clothes.

There is nothing like awesome athletic wear to inspire us to sweat. If you know there’s a fly pair of sneakers or some super cute leggings waiting for you, you’ll automatically be given a healthy dose of sartorial excitement. These days, too, workout clothes have reached soaring new heights of cuteness and comfort, which explains the spawning of “Athleisure” collections for all the women who are wearing their gear to brunch rather than going to the gym.

Here, therefore, are some outfits to get you inspired to get your sweat on.

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