2 Diet Changes That Will Give You An Immediate Energy Boost

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By Lynn Okura

You got a solid eight hours of sleep last night… so why are you still so groggy? Dietitian and fitness expert Rebecca Scritchfield says that when her otherwise healthy clients complain of low energy levels, they’re often missing two very important nutrients in their diet. In the above #OWNSHOW video, she reveals the simple changes anyone can make to feel less tired and more energetic.

“If you know your sleep is in check [and] you’re getting a good amount of exercise, it’s definitely time to take a look at the food intake and how high quality is your diet,” she says.

Scritchfield has her clients keep a food journal, and when she looks at their records she consistently sees these two important nutrients lacking in their diet:

The B Vitamins
Foods rich in the B vitamins include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, milk and dairy products.

This is a big class of vitamins, Scritchfield says, so it’s important to eat a wide variety. “They help your body unleash the energy out of food,” she explains.

Because iron carries oxygen to all of the cells in our bodies, Scritchfield says eating iron-rich foods like beef, chicken, beans, legumes and eggs will have a direct impact on day-to-day energy levels. Women in particular often fall short on iron, so it’s important to monitor your intake.

When Scritchfield’s clients change their diet to include more of these two nutrients, she says they often report that they feel better instantly. “I think it’s a combination of mental and physical,” she says. “Because they feel better and they’re not trying to cope with their low energy by just eating sugary foods.”

The key to remember, Scritchfield says, is that feeling good starts with taking care of yourself. “Get good sleep and eat well, and you will feel better and you will feel that energy come back,” she promises.

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