19 Reasons Why Cycling Is the Best Exercise

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By Glenn Riseley


So here I am enjoying my thirteenth

18. Cycling can help you “age well”

As we’re contemplating the passage of time, researchers at King’s College in London have found that older, amateur cyclists aged 55-79 were physiologically and biologically much younger than their peers.

These older riders each cycled between 60 to 100 kilometres in around six hours – a very gentle pace – and were then monitored closely for two days to assess areas such as their reaction times, memory, cardiovascular and endocrine functions, mood, appetite, energy levels and respiratory systems.

Steve Harridge, the senior author of the study published in the Journal of Physiology, wrote: ‘We had assumed that there is a linear straight line decline in physiology with ageing but that is very unlikely to be the case. We’re not saying we’re reversing ageing but that cycling seems to optimize the ageing process.’

19. Cycling is fun

Remember when you used to get out on your bike as a kid and felt the road flying beneath your wheels? Remember that feeling of freedom and release? That doesn’t get old. It’s still there. Going for a ride still provides a massive, euphoric buzz. Riding around corners and whizzing past things with the wind in your face makes you feel like a kid again.

OK, so there you have it. The scientists have convinced me that cycling will add days to my life, and the child inside me has learned that it adds life to my days. Both are valuable lessons.

So let’s all keep moving and keep discovering.

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