10-Minute Workouts You Can Sneak Into Your Day (VIDEO)

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By Lynn Okura

own ownshow 10 minute workout dance

When we get busy, our daily workouts are often the first thing to go. Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons we blow off exercise, but Well + Good co-founders Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue say that’s no reason to throw in the towel for the day. While a 60-minute sweat session would be nice, they say all you need is 10 minutes to make a difference.

The studies are really showing that 10 minutes can do so much for your metabolism, your fitness level and endurance, and even help with your blood pressure,” Gelula says.

In the above #OWNSHOW video, the fitness website founders share four 10-minute workouts that anyone can sneak into their day.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

A big fan of cardio dance classes, Brue says this one’s easy to do at home. “I’ll turn on the music really loud in my apartment and just boogie like no one’s watching for about three songs, which equals 10 minutes.”

Cardio-Kitchen Workout

own ownshow 10 minute workout kitchen

After a recent trip to the grocery store, Gelula realized she could turn the basic task of putting away groceries into a quick cardio session. “I was lifting into the high pantry where I keep all my beans and dried goods and squatting down to put produce in the crisper. I stopped and did a few jumping jacks, and 10 minutes in, my heart rate was up and I hadn’t even started dinner yet,” she says.

Take The Stairs Two At A Time

own ownshow 10 minute workout stairs

“At Well + Good, our offices are on the tenth floor,” Brue says. “And I’ll just walk right past the elevator and take the stairs two at a time. If I do this for five or six minutes that equals 100 calories, and I feel really good afterwards.”

Turn Your Pet Into Your Trainer

own ownshow 10 minute workout pet

Rather than taking the dog for a leisurely stroll while you chat on the phone, Gelula says your pet’s daily walk is the perfect time to sneak in a quick workout in. “Run with your dog, throw the ball and chase with the dog, and use the leash as a jump rope,” she suggests.

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