Top 8 Reasons You Need to Build, Develop and Maintain Muscle

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By Robert Reames

Consistent effort and focus to the on going endeavors in the building, development and maintenance of lean, active, fat burning muscle has incredible benefits. These are the Robert Reames (“RR”) top eight reasons why:

1. Building and maintenance of lean muscle will boost metabolism, or what I call “the engine of life.” More muscle means more energy (i.e., calories), is expended both during a workout and throughout the course of your day.

2. Fat burning is what I call a “systemic phenomenon.” Your body will burn and or gain fat where ever it has the propensity to do so depending on hormonal profile, genetics, stress, sleep, body composition and other factors.

Hence, the concept of spot reduction is and always was a myth. However, with this systemic phenomenon, if you want to lean out, say your abdominal area, put extra effort into building lower body, which is where you largest, most dense musculature is located. Large muscle group development means more muscle mass overall — thus more energy expended for maintenance throughout the body.

3. Strong muscles are one of the main components of optimum balance and posture. A major component of posture is the strength and strength endurance in all muscles involved to maintain the placement of this optimum posture. Improvements in posture can literally change your appearance instantly just by standing or sitting up taller.

4. Increases integrity, range and functionality of everyday activities (what I call “life-specific” motions), enhancing basic functional movement. Movements like climbing stairs, lifting a box or laundry basket, carrying groceries, dealing with baggage or carry on luggage during travel, picking up your animals and more will all happen for your much more efficiently by consistently maximizing your muscle strength and development.

5. Building muscle helps to define and “sculpt” the body — it gives you “curves.”

6. Strong muscle, strong joints. Weak muscle — joints and joint integrity may be compromised. Building and maintaining optimum muscle mass contributes to the on going strength and integrity of joints and movement as we age.

7. You can eat more! Lean muscle requires more calories to maintain.

8. Gives your body more power and contributes to more endurance and stamina in cardio workouts and in all movement.

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