The Most Beautiful Places To Do Yoga Around The World

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By Amanda L. Chan

Sure, you can do yoga in a studio, on a nice lawn or even in the comfort of your own home. Or, you can get your yoga on at the top of a mountain, at the Great Wall of China or on a rock amid crashing waves.

For evidence that yoga is truly universal (and universally appreciated) look no further than this round-up of your yoga poses from some of the most stunning locations around the world:

New post: @granville_isle great view of the city from Ron Basford Park! #strikeayogapose

— Michelle (@FitFlexFabulous) September 5, 2014

.@maganque clearly knows how to #StrikeAYogaPose — Do you? Get sharing tweeps!

— HuffPost Photo (@HuffPostPhoto) September 4, 2014

@ElHuffPost #StrikeAYogaPose @ Bryant Park en una clase masiva de #Yoga

— Alejandra Urriola (@AleUrriola) September 4, 2014

@ElHuffPost #StrikeAYogaPose @ Nueva Delhi, India, monumento Tumba de Humayan =)

— Alejandra Urriola (@AleUrriola) September 4, 2014

@HuffPostJapan シールシャアサナのバリエーション。。#StrikeAYogaPose

— 長南敏康 (@deep2009) September 4, 2014

@ElHuffPost otra mas… Y en Instagram @laura_yoga #StrikeAYogaPose

— Laura Tellez (@lauraltd78) September 3, 2014

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