Open Hate Mail to Cancer

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By Natalie Guenther

We all know someone — or more likely many someones — that have been touched, nudged, pushed or stomped on by cancer. Recently cancer has been so close in my life I felt the need to write it a STRONGLY-worded letter. If you do not have an appreciation for harsh, barbed words, then you may need to close your eyes while you read this.


Do you see me coming? Do you hear me knocking? You are like an uninvited house guest lounging on my couch. I have so many people in my life that were minding their own business and then came home to find you. You are a pathetic bully. You have messed with the wrong crowd. My friends and family are freaking awesome. They have master’s degrees in BadAssery so You. Are. Screwed. I see you smiling and giggling as they get their chemo, radiation and treatments. I see you smirking when they are steeling their spines as they tell their families what they are facing. Guess what, you little prick… you’ve done it. Do you feel it? Do you feel them? Do you feel me? We are coming for you. Not one of us — all of us, and we Do. Not. Stop. My friends and I — we are not into second chances or reasoning. We are into violence and rage when it comes to you. We are pissed, we wear heavy boots, and we are going to kick your ass… LIKE A BOSS… so get out here and take your medicine. Let’s do this.

I have since sent this letter to too many of my loved ones as they begin their battle. If you are in the battle or know someone who is the best thing you can do for them is join their fight. Stand up, suit up and get involved.

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