How A Former ‘Queen Of Excuses’ Lost 277 Pounds

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By Emily Tess Katz

At 457 pounds, Rhonda Martin felt “very sad and very isolated.”

“My life consisted of basically home and work,” she recalled in a HuffPost Live interview, explaining how limited her life had become as a result of her size. “At the time, I could only walk 150 steps at a time.”

Martin knew she was capable of living a healthier life and started instituting small changes to her diet. First, she added protein shakes to her three daily meals. Soon thereafter, she started counting calories.

“I did it the old fashioned way,” she said of her weight loss. “One small change at a time. One step at a time.”

But it was when she discovered cycling that the weight really started to fall off.

“I found something that I like to do. It’s a form of exercise — it’s not a chore. It’s just pure fun for me when I’m out riding,” she said.

Today, Martin is 277 pounds lighter and a triathlon star, but that’s just an added bonus.

“My original goal was ‘I want to get under 400 pounds and be able to maintain that,’” she said. “I never dreamed that today I’d be doing triathlons and love competing in racing.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live clip above to hear more about Rhonda Martin’s weight loss journey.

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