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By Jenn Zerling


First there was the Fortunately 500 workout, which was featured back in October 2013. With less than a year to spare, more and more multi-chain, timed and rep-based workouts are surfacing in the fitness industry. Not only are these workouts easy to incorporate into the busy schedule, but they truly hit every muscle group from head to toe.

Due to popularity of the Fortunately 500 workout, I have pieced together Another 500, which involves zero external resistance other than your own body weight. Some movements may appear familiar to you. For the most part, these are functional exercises that involve basic calisthenics and movements that will help strengthen your core, balance, and strength, all in one workout.

The program goes like this. There are 10 exercises. You will perform 10 reps for each exercise, rotate through all 10 exercises once, and then repeat the circuit five times until you finished your Another 500 program.

10 squats
10 push-ups
10 alternating lunges (step back)
10 squat pops (plank pop up to a squat)
10 crunches
10 bicycle crunches
10 burpees
10 squat-jumps
10 push press (forearm to hands)
10 dips to kicks

Repeat 5 times

1. Squat:

Starting with your feet hip distance apart, keeping your spine neutral, slowly descend down into your heels keeping your back straight. Make sure you track your knees over your ankles. Remember, if your toes are facing out slightly, then you must externally rotate through your hips to ensure that the knees track directly in alignment with the toes.

2. Pushups:
Starting on your hands and toes (option to start on your knees), have your hands a bit wider than shoulder distance apart. Inhale as you lower slowly bringing your whole body down (chest and hips in the same line) with your elbows at 90 degrees at the bottom. Exhale return to a high plank.

3. Alternating lunges:
Starting with your feet together, knees slightly flexed, take a big step all the way back with your right leg and emphasize that left knee tracking over that left ankle. Reach your hands down to the ground and then step the feet to touch. Alternate sides.

4. Squat pops:
Starting in a squat position with your feet turned outward and knees tracking over the ankles, you can either pop back into a plank position or walk one foot back at a time until you are in plank. From plank, pop back up into a squat, or simply walk your feet forward into a deep squat. Be sure to hollow the belly out as much as possible to create room for this exercise, and exhale as you pop up to a squat.

5. Crunches:
Lay on a mat or soft surface on your back. Place your hands around the back of your neck and allow your head to fall into your hands. Open your elbow out, keep your feet on the floor and power up through the use of your abs. Exhale on the lift, inhale on the way down. Keep your shoulders off the ground for the entire set.

6. Bicycle crunches:
Same starting position as crunches. However, lift your legs off the ground into table top position. Bring your right elbow to your left knee (on the oblique) and extend your right leg out to hover over the ground. Switch sides, going back and forth.

7. Burpees:
Starting in a squatting position, place your hands on the floor, lower your belly to the ground slowly and once your belly touches the ground, push yourself back up, jumping the feet forward into a squat to jump. You can modify this exercise by taking the jump out at the top.

8. Squat Jumps:

Use the directions for a great squat from the first exercise up above, only add in a jump as you lift yourself up to standing. If you cannot jump, sub with a squat to calf raises. On the landing of your jumps be sure to remain mindful of where your knees go, continuing to align them over the ankles to support the knees.

9. Push Press:
Start in a push up position with your feet about shoulder distanced apart. While keeping your hips neutral, inhale and lower yourself to your forearms from your hands. Be sure to avoid hip rotation through these transitions. On the exhale, return back to your hands.

10. Dips to kicks:
Starting in a seated position, bring your hands to either side of your butt with your fingers facing forward. Balancing on your heels and hands, lift your butt off the ground and drive your shoulders down your back, away from your ears. Keeping your elbows tight at your side, slowly lower about an inch to tap the butt to the ground and then drive up into a kick, keeping your spine neutral and core tight at all times. Alternate between legs on the kicks.

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