A 4-Second Stretch That Can Help Calm Your Nerves (VIDEO)

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By Lynn Okura

A tropical vacation, a long hot bubble bath, or a relaxing massage — all are great ways to relax, but finding the time — and money — for stress relief can often become a source of anxiety in itself.

For a quick and easy way to calm your nerves, Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up, shows us her “Take a Load Off” stretch in the above #OWNSHOW video. To try this instant stress reliever at home, grab a chair with an open back (a folding chair will work just fine). Lay down as close to it as you can and prop your feet onto the chair, letting your shins slide through the back.

Next, take a yoga block (Miller says you can substitute with a book) and place it underneath your pelvis. “This will create a little downstream flow for your breath and for your blood,” Miller says.

Now that you’re in the right position, the key to the stretch is all in how you breathe. “You start by ballooning the belly, then the ribs, then the top of the rib cage, all in one long inhale,” Miller instructs. “Then hold your breath for four counts.”

After four seconds, exhale and repeat. “With each repetition of breath you’ll feel more and more stress just melting away,” she says. Miller adds that this stretch is so relaxing and beneficial to the body that it can be held for three to five minutes.

Also in the above video, Miller demonstrates how to achieve this same stretch using just a wall — or nothing at all.

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