9 Reasons to Resolve Not to Diet in 2015

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By Jennipher Walters


Each year, the top New Year’s resolution is to “lose weight.” And the usual way to do this is to “go on a diet.” But guys, I beg you. Don’t do it! Obsessive calorie counting, food restriction, weighing yourself and being hungry is no way to ring in the new year. Still not convinced? Here are nine reasons to resolve not to diet in 2015!

1. Diets don’t work. For anyone. Why else do you think there are about a million diets on the market? Quick fix after quick fix comes out and is promised because there is no quick fix or perfect diet. Diets are a short-term fix at best.

2. They jack with your self-confidence. What happens when you go off of your diet (which always happens because diets set unrealistic expectations)? You feel like crap. You feel like you lack self-discipline. You feel like you have no willpower. Diet after diet, this cycle of emotional highs and lows eats away at your self confidence — which can bleed over into all areas of your life, not just the number on the scale.

3. Diets set up unhealthy behaviors. The on-again, off-again nature of diets sets you up for an all-or-nothing mindset. This type of thinking leaves no room for self-love, compassion and true growth.

4. They can negatively affect your metabolism. Heavily restricting your food for periods of time has been shown to slow down your metabolism and, in the long run, make weight-loss more difficult.

5. Diets are a waste of mental energy. Between counting calories, points or whatever it is you’re tracking, just think of all that mental energy you’re using that could be used on something else. How could your time and energy be better spent?

6. They promote feelings of guilt. Guilt and shame are two feelings that just don’t feel good, but when you diet and eat something you “shouldn’t,” they’re usually the two feelings that surface. No healthy living plan should cause you to feel guilt and shame.

7. Diets go against what your body is telling you. Instead of listening to your natural hunger cues and paying attention to what you’re really craving, diets have you follow schedules and rigid rules. Your body is wiser than you realize.

8. They make you think your weight will solve your problems. Diets don’t address many of the root issues of weight gain: emotions, habits and unconscious behavior. In fact, they promise that when you diet, you’ll become the perfect person. But, spoiler alert, even at a smaller size, you’re still the same person. Do the more challenging emotional work and the results will pay off for good.

9. Diets are downright dreadful. Two words: chocolate and pizza. Life without these is boring and pretty much terrible. A truly healthy life allows for the foods you love in moderation.

So if you do want to lose weight in 2015, how should you go about it, you ask? Well, I’m a firm believer in the anti-diet way of life. That means listening to your hunger, eating balanced meals that have protein, healthy fats and lots of whole foods in them, sending yourself lots of self love and being active in ways you enjoy. Get more of my top weight-loss tips here!

Will you resolve to ditch dieting in 2015?

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